Do people care more about the arctic ice than their own country?



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    I’m not entirely sure what the crux of your question is, but I’ll try to answer it as it is. People, as a rule, care about their homes. They care about their house first, their neighborhood second, their country third, and so on. I don’t think that people care more about Arctic ice than their own country. That said, if the Arctic ice keeps melting, it’ll raise sea levels, and it will affect any coastal countries — drowning valuable land. So perhaps people care about their own countries more than the ice, but realize the need to address the ice issue for the sake of their country’s coastlines.

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    Some people are greatly concerned with the arctic ice because it plays a vital role in reflecting sunlight and moderating global climate, but has been decreasing over the past thirty years. Arctic ice is important on a global scale – it should be important regardless of the country you come from. It’s not efficient to look at global issues on a country-by-country basis; instead we should recognize it a worldwide common goal to prevent arctic ice loss.

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    Sadly, no. People tend to be, characteristically, more concerned about “their own back yards” than in matters thousands of miles/kilometers away. This is typical, but short-sighted. As conditions worsen, however, interest will grow. Let us hope it is not too late.

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