Do people that buy organic think they are better than people who don’t?



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    There is a certain smugness that some people who buy more environmentally friendly products sometimes display, but not always. (If you are familiar with South Park, there is a great episode about this attitude called “Smug Alert!”)

    There is plenty of information out there about the benefits of buying organic but there are also plenty of factors why people don’t, cost being one of them. As someone who routinely buys organic products, I can’t say that I think I’m better than anyone because of it. I am aware that it is a relatively new concept and there are some people who just haven’t caught on yet. I sympathize with people who simply cannot afford organics and I feel that people who just choose not to will catch on if, instead of feeling superior, organics supporters spread their knowledge.

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    There is definitely an ego that comes with being green for some people. But this ego is somewhat deserved, as they are playing their part in preserving our earth and cleaning it up. As far as thinking they are above non-green people, of course that depends solely upon the individual and to place all organic buyers into one category is prejudice.

    I know that when I first began buying organic, I felt a greater sense of importance in playing my role, but in now means did I look down upon those who didn’t buy organic. It’s the responsibility of those who buy organic to educate those who don’t. By being green, we all are vessels and take on those responsibilities.

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    I think it depends on the area. In the United States buying organic foods can be looked at as a status symbol since organics are more expensive than non-organic foods. In other countries, such as Germany organic food is actually less expensive, therefore everyone has the luxury of eating pesticide, chemical free foods.

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    I think that depends on the reason they’re buying organic. If someone’s just buying organic food to “show how green they are” or to show off financial wherewithall (in the US at least) then it stands to reason that that would be the case. Otherwise, it’s a bit more of a gray area. I think that, generally speaking, you’ll find that people who are generally doing it to just send the necessary economic signal or are paranoid about pesticides or any number of other possible reasons might not be quite as inclined towards smugness as the groups I mentioned earlier. But naturally, there are always exceptions on all sides.

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    Uh, to play devil’s advocate, people who buy organic are, in a sense, better than people who don’t. Here’s what I mean. They’re probably in a place where they’re choosing to buy food that’s healthier and more responsibly produced. These people are better for the environment than people who buy individually packaged plastic juice boxes and cans of processed meat. Its also likely that they’re adopting an eco-conscious lifestyle beyond just their comestibles.
    In no way does this justify these people acting smug or elitist because they might have a greater financial capacity to support this lifestyle.

    They can still be &^$#ing %ssholes, but its entirely possible that they are better (FOR THE ENVIRONMENT) than the others.

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    I think that people who buy organically are living more responsibly and thus are better…I compare it to people who drive little cars vs people who drive SUV’s just because it’s cool, not because they need it. In addition, I do not think that it is wrong to buy organic food to “look better”, because in the end, more organic foods in your diet DO make you look better physically and socially.

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