Do people buy these big SUV hybrids?



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    Apparently, yes.  Though the big hybrid/EV push has mostly focused on small, super-efficient vehicles, there still exists a market (albeit a smaller one) for hybrid SUVs.  Though hybrid SUVs don’t get quite as good gas mileage as, say, a Prius, they do get much better mileage than a conventional SUV.  So, for anyone who wants or requires a more spacious or more rugged vehicle, the hybrid SUV does offer a reasonable compromise between efficiency and usefulness.

    Still, the main focus of the market for super-efficient vehicles will always be small cars, since they will likely always offer the most impressive fuel economy, while hybrid SUVs represent a more specialized class, catered to a relative small portion of the population.

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    Yes, I have seen a few of them on the road. However, for the most part people buy the Toyota Prius. Then again, I live in California where only a select few people feel that they need to show off by driving huge vehicles. The number of SUVs sold in each region depends largely on the culture of the area. It also depends on how high the gas tax is in your particular locality of interest. People in states with higher gas prices will opt for the most fuel-efficient cars they can get while people in states with low gas prices don’t pay as much attention to fuel efficiency.

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