Do people buy hybrids because it is the right thing to do?



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    I’m sure many people buy hybrid cars because they’re genuinely concerned for the environment. But the gas crunch we saw over the spring, where prices soared outrageously, probably helped fuel the growing popularity of these cars. Additionally, a government incentive recently created gives buyers of hybrid vehicles a one-time $1500 rebate, which can’t hurt either.

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      I agree completely while there are definitely some people that purchase them because its better for the environment I think that gas prices are driving it more than anything else.

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    Hybrids offer a variety of benefits, mainly better gas mileage and some tax benefits. Many people weigh the costs and benefits and choose a non-hybrid because in the long-run, it is often more cost-efficient. Hybrids are highly priced compared to their gas model equivalents. However, the cost of hybrids will decrease in relation to the demand. If more people buy hybrids, the price will go down because it will create higher “economy of scale.” Therefore, some people must be willing to pay the higher price and set the precedent for years to come.

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    Everyone has their own reasons, and I think it’s generally a mixture of social consciousness, status, and fuel economy. It really is worth it in the long run to pay a little more if you’re going to be getting 40+ miles to the gallon.

    It IS the “right thing” to do, to a certain extent, and it shows that people are conscious of the fact that we need to move towards oil independence.

    Its also definitely a status thing too. Having a Prius shows all your friends that you’re going green. Since they are a luxury (still, although they’re becoming increasingly present…which is good!), it sends a message about who you are.

    If you’re interested, read this guy’s blog about his experience buying a hybrid Escape.

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