Do other countries pay their residents for recycling?



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    Other countries simply do recycling different then the United States. In Switzerland recycling could not be easier, not because the governmet pays people to go pick it up from their residents homes, but because the Swiss just simply refuse to throw things away. The Swiss have “bottle banks” at every super market with slots for each bottle (clear, green and brown glass), the Swiss also collect what they call “green waste” also known as all the trimmings from your garden, that service is a home pick up that happens every two weeks. In Germany, a country that takes being green very seriously, there is no question as to the divisions of recycables, it is simply common knowledge, and to avoid any confusion they have simple color coded bins to drop things into. Other countries, however are still slacking on the greenness,take Greece for example. Almost 1/5 of the entire waste produced in Greece is plastic, however only 1% of it is recycled. The answer seems to be simplicity and education, make the recycling process easy and make sure people know about it and understand it.

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