Do other countries have parks like we do?



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    Many other countries have national parks as well. In 2006, there were 6,555 national parks around the world according to the World Conservation Union IUCN. Some national parks in other countries include Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, Rondane National Park in Norway, Lauca National Park in Chile, and the Royal National Park in Australia. Some good parks for hiking in Cambodia are Bokor National Park, Botom-Sakor National Park, and Kep National Park.

    Here is a list of national parks found throughout the world:

    Cities around the world, such as London, have parks. Hyde Park, which is 350 acres, is a popular spot in the middle of London.

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    Indeed they do, many many nations have a great deal of parks. France, Britain, and Germany, to name just a few of the many, have saved land like Yellowstone and other national parks, but they also have city parks like in Philly and New York.

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