Do other countries have fire seasons like California does?



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    Yes, other countries do have fire seasons.  If snow pack during the winter was insufficient or spring rains too sparse, a region is at greater risk for fire during the summer months.  Lightning storms and people are two major causes for forest or grassland fires.  If an area is too dry, the forest service will place burn bans to restrict people from burning brush piles or building campfires to help prevent wildfires.  However devastating a fire can be, keep in mind that many new plants can quickly grow in the nutrient rich soil. 

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    Fire seasons have to do with weather and fuels.  There are many variables within each of these, for instance:

    Weather and Climate: when is it rainy? When are thunderstorms frequent – the lightning can start fires.  What is the relative humidity doing during the day?  How cold is it getting at night?  How much sunlight is there? (time of year – sunlight provides heat).  Is the specific area experiencing a long term drought?

    These factors are what cause fire seasons.  In California, as you probably know, Santa Ana winds are likely in the fall.  These warm winds can push wildfires, making them larger than they would be without the winds.  Seasonal events work together to create fire seasons.

    Fuels (ie, vegetation):  What growth period are the fuels in?  For instance, in the American west cheatgrass grows early in the spring and dries out by early summer, providing a continuous dry fuel source.  How many annuals (grasses) grow depends on how much moisture there was in the winter and spring.  Young Ponderosa trees are more likely to entirely burn (to “torch”) than old Ponderosas.

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