Do other countries eat more healthy than we do in America?



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    Generally speaking yes they do. America was the starting point for drive thrus and the fatty, salty, sugary food that comes with it. Our diet is one of the most dangerous diets of a people. For instance, the Mediterranean diet involves more fish and they’ve got the red wine working for them a little too. This is why Americans have by far the highest rates of a lot of sad metrics; like obesity, childhood obesity, diabetes, and generally a lot of cardiovascular problems. The health care reform debate in America has taken on many forms and one of them is preventative care. In this ilk soda taxes and things of that nature have been proposed. As well as certain incentives – besides being healthy and fit – are being considered to be offered to those who stay healthy and fit; some companies already do this very thing, benefits for joining a gym is one specific example.

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