Do other countries eat more of the cow than we do?



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    Yes, although you will find exceptions among different people.  Generally, in the US, we do not eat the organs, tongue, and blood of cows.  Many other countries do.  In South America, for example, it is very common to walk into the meat section of a grocery store and see tongues, intestines, and hearts right next to the steaks.

    Per capita, Argentina eats the most beef, followed by Uruguay, followed by the US.

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    Uruguay and Argentina eat more beef than we do, speaking on a per-capita basis. This is probably due to the fact that beef production is a very large part of their economies. In terms of absolute numbers, though, the United States consumes the most beef, followed by Brazil, Japan, and China. Statistics can often be confusing, as I’m sure you can tell by this response! In summation, Americans (from the United States) generally eat the most beef, but if you break it down per capita, other countries consume more.

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