Do ostriches really hide their head in the sand when they are afraid?



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    No, this is an old wives tale. The reason they are often seen looking as if their head is in the sand, is that they are eating something from the ground. When afraid or threatened they do not hide their heads and hope their threat goes away. Instead they can either run away (at speeds up to 40 mph) or fight back with viscous and powerful kicks from their large legs. Sometimes when a predator is lurking nearby, an ostrich will lay down as low as possible on the ground and lay its head down in order to try to camouflage itself.

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    No, this is a myth. What ostriches really do is drop their head to the ground in order to become more camouflaged. Their feathers blend in with their surroundings. From far away, it looks like they have buried their head in the sand. 

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