Do organic vegetables take longer to grow?



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    It is probable that organic foods grow slower than non-organic foods.  To be considered organic a food must be free of chemical additives for growth (fertilizer, pesticides) and not be genetically modified.  Since much of the produce we eat including corn, apples and the like are genetically modified, at least to some degree, and the modifications are to resist pests and grow faster, it follows that truly organic foods would grow slower. 

    For those foods which may not be genetically modified but just grow wihout fertilizer/pesticides, it may take the same time to reach maturity, but fertilizing the same type of seeds may help them gorw larger before they are ripe enough to pick.

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    Not necessarily.  Organic gardening done properly leads to vegetables that grow just as fast or faster, and sometimes larger, than those grown with chemicals.  Chemical gardening that uses pesticides not only kills pests, but also kills the life in the soil.  Dead soil is unhealthy soil, and can lead to slower growth.  In organic gardening, the soil is nurtured, and can lead to faster and larger yields over the long run.  Here is a site that debunks some other popular myths about organic gardening.

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