Do organic vegetables have to be more expensive?



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    Organic prices (sometimes 10-40% more expensive than other food) rise because they produce at lower quantities, and production cost is higher with organic foods (herbicides aren’t used, so the farmers weed the crops, which takes more time and energy). 

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    They don’t HAVE to be, but they are because there is more manual labor involved in producing less product, the farmers have to recoup their losses somehow. 

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    Not only is it labor intensive but in order to have an organic farm it takes 3 years to obtain farming soil that can harvest organic vegetables. Part of the USDA Organic label is to have tracability for the organic product. Strict records have to be kept and strict policies have to be followed.

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    One thing that many people do not realize is that organic farmers are only restricted from using synthetic pesticides and herbicides; organic farmers can still apply organic pesticides and herbicides. This means that organic farmers can only use pesticides derived from organic materials like plants, which in their highly concentrated states can be just as carcinogenic as synthetic toxins. Moreover, it takes more organic herbicides and pesticides to do the same job as synthetic types, meaning farmers have to spend more money on the inputs, thus raising the price of the food.

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    More or less.  It costs more in the long run to produce organic produce because less is produced in a harvest.  The farmers need to make a living somehow.  Hence the high prices.  If they were funded by one source or another, the prices might go down.

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