Do organic salad products have the same risk of deadly bacteria contamination as do non-organic producers?



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    Perhaps, because organics are grown in manure which can carry harmful bacteria. There is a bit of controversy over whether organics or non-organics are more likely to carry bacteria.

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    Yes they do because the risk is frequently from fecal contamination which has nothing to do with organic or non-organic growing methods.  Hygiene in the field, availability of clean water and packaging plants are also a factor as well as run-off from other areas as these can cause e-coli (just one of the problems) and are not related to the use of pesticides, hormones or fertilyzer.

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    Some studies show that they are at a higher risk for fecal contamination but not necessarily other pathogen related illnesses. Also, they would be at a higher risk for heavy metal contamination. Both of these are due to the practice of using manure as fertilizer. However, according to the USDA, “Research to date on these issues has not substantiated significant increased dangers associated with organic foods.”

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