Do organic restaurants have to use organic spices as well?



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    If a restaurant is claiming to be 100% organic than it needs to be true. Organic herbs and spices are available and every truly organic restaurant is using them. There are different distinctions on food sold depending on exactly how organic the product is but I don’t believe there are authorities policing restaurants making sure absolutely every item in them is organic.

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    Ideally, yes, every restaurant claiming to be completely organic would use 100% organic ingredients, including herbs, spices and condiments. 

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    It is often hard to find organic delicacy spices but many specialty stores will carry a good variety. It is purely up to the restaurant to live up to their own organic claims and they will not be federally reprimanded should they steer away from them. Food costs are often the sole reason why organic restaurants may not choose to use the organic option. If you are curious of a facility’s practice, simply ask and I am sure they will gladly answer and explain.

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