Do organic farms look a lot different than other farms?



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    There are slight differences between the look of organic farms and non-organic farms.  The biggest difference you will notice is the variety of crops.  Organic farms tend to grow more varieties of crops in smaller spaces.  Organic farming usually involves mechanical weed control (via cultivating or hoeing) rather than herbicidal weed control.  Also, if a plane is crop dusting the fields it would be safe to assume that the farm is not organic.  These little differences can be hard to visually see and may not be noticeable depending on the season.

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    I recently stayed on an organic farm and I would say the biggest difference are that much of the work is done by hand. The weeding is manual and all of the seeds are not genetically engineered. The crop varieties are somewhat narrow. The farm I stayed on had a big penchant for sweet potatoes because they were able to make money off of them at market. They also had onions, huge varieties of tomatoes, regular potatoes, corn, radishes, spinach, lettuce, and carrots from what I can remember. They also had a field of wild dew berries and a few bee hives for honey.

    Often when at a farmer’s market the person selling you the produce is likely the person who picked it or trained the person who picked it. The farm was relatively small, but it seemed to be enough to support the couple I was staying with and even supplied enough money to hire a few extra hands. Their house was also amazingly sustainable.

    The food they served me was also phenomenally good.

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