Do organic candles burn as long as other candles?



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    Organic candles, usually made from soy or beeswax, are long burning wax candles. All long burning wax candles burn about the same amount of time. The temperature in the room, wind/breeze factor, wick, and how the candle is made is all a actor in how long the candle burns.

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    There are a number of different kinds of organic candles available, and the type of candle you buy, as well as several other factors, will contribute to the length of time for which one will burn.  For example, an organic beeswax candle might burn longer than an organic soy candle, as beeswax is a slower burning wax.  A candle burned in a cold room will burn longer, as will the candle whose wax has been rolled the tightest around the wick. 

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