Do ordinary citizens have any control over global warming?



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    Ordinary citizens absolutely have control over global warming even though sometimes it seems like we are helpless. We have control over consumer decisions that we make and as Americans we do have a voice in our government, though it often seems like our government does little to serve us. The best thing we can do is make those smart consumer decisions and spread the word. Though companies make environmentally irresponsible decisions, they are beholden ultimately to the consumer and change with what the consumer wants. Unfortunately, often times the environmentally responsible decision is expensive and there is a certain amount of self-education that is necessary but the more people that make the change, the more affordable it becomes. Knowledge is contagious so the more people that commit to the change, the more difficult it will be for government and industry to ignore us.

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    Ordinary citizens face choices everyday in their lives where they can choose to do things that are less destructive towards and environment and help to reduce the rate of global warming. One thing a concerned citizen can do is to reduce their carbon footprint. There are many websites that have a carbon footprint calculator such as Once the carbon foot print has been determined you can look at things you can do to reduce your footprint. Some things that could be done to reduce your foot print and help reduce the rate of global warming are; taking an alternative form of transportation (walking, riding a bike, or taking public transportation), using energy efficient lighting and appliances, using water efficient fixtures, eating less meat, planting more trees, donating to environmental charities that have environmental restoration projects in place, and much more.

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