Do orcas do well in captivity?



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    No. Orcas do not, generally, do well in captivity. THey are very social animals, and their habits involve allowing them to travel long distances…these attributes are stunted in captivity. An orca will often travel up to 50 miles a day in the wild, using echolocation to find their way. In what amounts to a large box of water (captivity) the whales cannot use this ability. Also, they are often not kept with enough of their species to form proper social bonds. All of this adds up to stressed and bored whales, who die much younger in captivity than in the wild. It’s estimated that most orcas in captivity die during their reproductive years–a very rare occurrence in the wild. Orcas normally live up to and over 50 years…in captivity, their lifespas often top out around 10.

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