Do older cars use up more fuel than new ones?



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    In general, yes — but it’s not guaranteed that an older car will necessarily use more fuel than a newer one: I’m sure if you compare a 2010 Hummer to a 1989 Honda Civic the latter is a clear winner as far as fuel economy goes. The engine size (it’s displacement) and the amount of cylinders the car has really determine how much fuel it can consume — but bigger engines create more power (so potentially you could achieve better fuel economy by giving it gas and then coasting)… see apollo 13 for a demonstration

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    The answer is yes. In addition to what the previous poster wrote which is all accurate, much older or retro cars were all less fuel efficient. Im sure it has something to do with advancements in engine technology which is too complicated for the average person (me included) to understand. Any car from earlier time periods (Im visuallizing an big old Cadillac from the 1960s when I write this) got much less MPG than todays cars regaurdless of size and horsepower. 

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