Do oil companies have a lot of political clout?



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    The oil lobby is one of the largest lobbies in the U.S. It is considered part of the larger Energy Lobby which includes oil, gas, coal and electric industries. The Lobby has influence within the U.S (generally siding with the republican party in recent history), and is even influential enough to counteract certain global governance issues involving the environment and climate change.

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    Energy companies, particularly oil companies, gain influence in politics through lobbying and political campaign contributions. They, like anyone else who wants something from the government, pays lobbyists to plead their cases in Washington, D.C. for privileges and policies that favor them. Since Oil companies make billions of dollars a year, they can afford to have many lobbyists in their employ, and send them many times to get what they want. They also can contribute a lot of money to political candidates’ campaigns whom they believe will benefit their business.

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