Do non-poisonus snakes have fangs?

I killed what I thought was a chicken snake in my yard. When I opened it’s mouth, it looked like there were foldable fangs in there. I’ve heard about non-poisonus snakes breeding with poisonus snakes.



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    Non poisonous snakes generally do not have fangs, and are instead equipped only with the normal rows of teeth. Venemous snakes have fangs, which are sharp, enlarged teeth positioned along the upper jaw at the front or rear of a snake’s mouth and connected to venom glands. 

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    Most snakes have teeth, but only poisonous snakes have fangs. Many snakes have four rows of top teeth and two rows of bottom teeth.

    As far as the chicken snake you’ve found, you may want to try to identify it.“Chicken snake” is a broad nickname for a variety of nonpoisonous snakes that eat eggs, rats and small birds. They tend to constrict their live prey. Though these snakes have teeth and are capable of leaving a bite wound, they are not poisonous and have no fangs.

    Try using Google Images or a Bing picture search to see what poisonous snakes that live in your geographical area look like.



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