Do new agricultural development programs in Africa focus more on local subsistence or global market demands?



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    Thankfully, many of the new programs that are going on in Africa are encouraging villages to develop their own agricultural systems so that they do not have to rely on buying expensive produce somewhere else. These people are very poor and living in places where the land is harsh. The programs should teach villagers how to produce items that require little amounts of water and are very nutritious to eat.

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    Historically, most rural development programs look to increase local production of market crops. These have often been coupled with infrastructure products meant to connect rural parts of poor countries to big market centers and trade arteries.

    But people are starting to realize that connecting people to markets is not a guarantee that they will be able to make a living from their crops, and may actually lead to mono-crop dependency (mono-cropping itself is also associated with soil depletion and the concentration of land holdings into fewer hands). Thus, sustainable subsistence has become more important as a goal in agricultural development work.

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