Do natural cleaners kill as many germs as other cleaners?



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    While Natural cleaners might not kill as much bacteria as chemicals, they are still probably better than using chemicals. Ordinary cleaners use harsh chemicals that kill all good and bad bacteria. They also leave behind a harsh residue containing whatever chemical they are made of. Many of these cleaners can lead many diseases such as asthma, skin diseases and cancer.

    While the companies are required to list immediate hazardous ingredients they do not have to list ingredients that can cause damage over time. These companies are virtually unregulated. So while ordinary chemicals may kill more bacteria they are definitely more harmful to yourself and your family. I’d prefer to use a natural cleaner that is less effective than to endanger myself or anyone in my home with potent chemicals.

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    That depends on what kind of essential oil you use. You can make your own environmentally friendly cleaners at home and choose which kind of essential oil to add depending on what you want to do. Tea tree oil is very good at killing germs, while other essential oils such as rosemary are good at keeping away flying insects. I went to a green festival a little while ago and learned how to make a soft scrub for things like chrome, stainless steel, tile, etc. from borax and baking soda and found that it worked wonders! It’s also a lot of fun to choose what oils you want to use.

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