Do national forests still actively log trees?



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    National Forests are still logged, although there is a lot of debate on the benefits of such activities. Most of the arguments in support of logging of National Forests are not necessarily true. For example, many supporters of logging say that the revenues generated by logging of National Forests is necessary for the economy when in fact many logging operations are not economically profitable. Another argument is that communities depend entirely on the wood from National Forests; in fact communities near National Forests rely more on the uses and values associated with unlogged forests.

    Three percent of the wood used in the US comes from National Forests; if we can implement more effective and efficient wood use practices we can greatly reduce or even eliminate that number.

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    There is logging that takes place in the National Forests. This may be contributed to the need to “thin out trees” or may occur in plantation plots within the forest. This logging is regulated and local people often voice their own opinions about the extent of logging that is occurring. Constant research is being conducted to check for endangered species and bad affects of the logging.

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