Do nail holes hurt trees?



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    Trees have feelings too! 🙂 A tree is a living organism, so as such it is susceptible to many things that any living organism is susceptible to. For instance a nail can infect the tree if there is bacteria or a virus on the nail. It can cause a loss of leaves and/or branches or cause death.

    Sometimes insects and other little critters can mess with the void a nail may leave behind further infecting the tree and that can cause some harmful damage.

    My advice, a little isn’t to much, but a lot can become horrid quick. If you want to use a nail on a tree use a nail that doesn’t penetrate the bark completely to allow for some form of protection and regrowth.

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    Another problem with creating open “wounds” is that that they are places where water can collect. This becomes a favorable environment for fungal and viral growth. Also the tree’s xylem, cambium, and phloem layers can be damaged; disrupts the transmission of water and nutrients from the roots up the tree.

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