Do mushrooms need a lot of water to grow in my garden?



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    It’s valuable to note that mushrooms are more often grown indoors than they are outside. Indoors, you can control for more environmental factors. Mushrooms enjoy dark, moist areas, while gardens tend to get a lot of sun.

    When trying to grow mushrooms, the soil they are planted in and whatever is covering the planting area (usually a cloth) need to be kept damp. Whenever they dry out, they must be spritzed with water.

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    The best way to grow mushrooms, is not actually in your garden, but by purchasing a kit. These sometimes come as logs or other things, that have mycelia, which is what is necessary to grow mushrooms. And these kits are first soaked in water, and then left in cold damp rooms, where eventually the mushrooms will grow. They need wet and shady environments in order to successfully grow.

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