Do moths need to go through a cocoon to be born?



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    Yes.  All members of the order Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) go through a pupal phase, in which they are transformed from a larva to an adult.  At the beginning of this stage, the caterpillar encases itself in a cocoon (moth) or chrysalis (butterfly); later, after a period of metamorphosis in which the larval body breaks down completely and is reconstructed, the adult moth or butterfly emerges.

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    Absolutely! If you want to see moth cocoons up close and personal, get a package of raisins and place them outside for about a month. Moths love raisins, and will probably find them quickly. You might want to take a few measures to ensure that ants and other critters don’t get them first, though. After a while, break open the package of raisins and look through them. Moths like to build their cocoons in the dark, so you will probably find them in the center of the package rather than on the surface.

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