Do most vegans start out as vegetarians first?



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    Yes, most vegans were first vegetarians, especially if they made the choice later in life rather than brough up vegetarian/vegan.  It is a giant transition for a person raised on a typical Western diet to go straight into completely animal free – going cold turkey would be incredibly difficult.  Even many vegetarians need to ease themselves into veganism by slowly eliminating one major animal product at a time (eggs, cheese, milk, etc). 

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    Very often they do.  It’s a good way to “test-drive” the lifestyle and see if it works for you.  I was vegetarian for a year before going vegan and did a lot of research before going vegan.  I have since gone back to vegetarianism because the industry I’m in makes it difficult to have extensive dietary requirements, as a lot of the jobs I go on are pre-catered.  However, when I cook myself, I still eat about 75% vegan.

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