Do most trains follow freeways?



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    Not necessarily. Trains are a much older form of transportation than vehicles, and many routes were planned prior to freeways. In Europe, for example, there are a variety of train routes through the Alps, etc., that are nowhere near freeways, and the same can be said for routes here. However, many transportation routes are fairly standard, so it would make sense that freeways are train tracks would be similarly located.

    I’ve included the Amtrak map below, which shows some of the routes in relation to freeways if you zoom in (

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    Since most rail lines were laid down way before freeways, yes and no. Most of the cross-country trains do not run along freeways because they were designed to go over, under, around or through all kinds of terrain; you will not find freeways in such areas because of potentially poor road conditions. Rail systems that run between cities and town may have freeways running along side them merely out of convenience. I would say it is safe to say that probably more than half of all rail systems do not have freeways next to them because they travel through either older routes or routes that are unsafe for freeways. It may be more correct to say that some freeways follow train tracks.

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