Do most mountains grow?



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    No, mountains are formed by many different geological processes. For example, the Himalayas were formed when the plate which is now India “crashed” into the plate that is now Asia. Sometimes they are formed near plate boundaries when one plate subducts below another. Not only does material scrape off the subducting plate, but the plate also creates volcanic material under which the plate it is subducting. This volcanic activity creates mountains like the sierra nevadas.

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    The Sierra Nevada mountains were not created by volcanic activity. Although there has been vulcanism in the area, the mountain range is a huge block uplift unrelated to vulcanism.

    All mountains above sea level are eroding from the instant they rise above sea level. Some (many) are simultaneously rising because of tectonic forces or in some cases, volcanic activity. Whether there is a net gain or loss of elevation depends on the relative intensity of these and other processes acting on the earth there.

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