Do most islands have everything you would need to survive?



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    People need food, fresh water and shelter.

    There are plenty of islands, for example above the Arctic Circle, that don’t have any of these. (Unless you count snow.)

    Even many tropical islands do not have any sufficient food, fresh water and shelter.

    If someone is a survival expert, of course, and has some equipment with them (such as a tent and a water desalinator), then the number of survivable islands increases considerably.

    Before we get too excited about that, though there are plenty of islands that are survivable, but only in the short term. One snake bite, and it could be curtains. One broken bone, death from infection. One hurricane, one tsunami, bye-bye island. The people in Alaska had such a harsh winter, places that have been inhabited for decades came close to being unsurvivable. Uninhabited islands tend to be uninhabited for very good reasons.

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