Do most green technologies pay themselves off relatively fast?



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    Do you mean systemsthat you install in your home, like solar panels or a geothermal heating system? If so, then the answer is, not really. If a homeowner makes the decision to have solar panels, a geothermal system, or another, similar green power alternative, they usually must be prepared to stay in their current house for a long time in order to see the technology pay itself off. Solar panels, etc, tend to have high upfront costs, since paying for the panels themselves and installation is expensive. It can take years for the money saved on energy bills to even out the cost of the system. Once it does, however, not only are you using green energy, you are also saving money.

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    I believe when looking into “green technology” a company must be aware that they are investing in the longevity of their company. Unfortunately some of the newest and best technology is also the greenest and this is going to come with a larger price tag.

    In a more relatable topic, you can also see this in the purchasing of Organic food. You are paying for the higher quality of food because in the long run you will be healthier and stronger because of it. Instead of being loaded with chemicals, you will be loaded with natural vitamins. Companies are similar.

    The green technology will pay for itself with the amount of years a company will be able get out of it and with the postiive impact this technology is having on their establishment.

    While we may not see these changes right away, they are happening and the company will be stronger because of it.

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    With green sources of energy, most consumer models do pay for themselves — you’re essentially buying your own way to make energy instead of buying energy from a grid — but it can take over a decade for say, solar panels. On a broader scale, more efficient energy sources pay for themselves — it’s in an economy’s interest to develop more efficient energy sources, which means, typically, not fossil fuels. Other green technologies may not pay for themselves, though, in terms of tangible money, but sustainability is its own long-term advantage.

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