Do most countries recycle now?



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    Many countries do recycle, but whether or not they do depends on a number of factors, mainly cost: cost of landfills (and amount of space in landfills) and transportation mostly.

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    Many industrialized countries recycle, but I highly doubt people in Africa, India, and Asia care about recycling. Survival comes first to people rather than caring about the environment. It is only in our nature and it will continue this way, unfortunately. 

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    I disagree with slitwac1, I believe that countries in Africa, India and Asia do care about the environment and recycling.  Dubai is one of the countries that has some of the most forward-looking and green operating buildings. Additionally, with the world cup in South Africa this year, they have increased their efforts to become green and are featuring uniforms made from plastic bottles.  Unfortunately, we are shipping our production plants over to India and Asia, causing pollution, and waste.  Additionally, we ship the toxic e-waste from the US over to India and China, causing more problems.  I would say that less industrialized countries are much less damaging to the environment, and while they may lead a more simple lifestyle that we do not envy, they probablly have a much smaller footprint than the average American.

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