Do more people visit Yosemite or Yellowstone every year?



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    In 2010 Yosemite almost met its 1994 record visitation with over 4 million visitors; Yellowstone reached its visitation record in 2009 with 3,267,683 visitors. 

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    It appears more people visit Yosemite more than Yellowstone. Yosemite usually garners more than 3.5 million per year and is currently the third most visited national park in the United States. It’s diversity is probably what attracts so many visitors, not only is its scenery beautiful but it’s popular with rock climbers, hikers, bikers, photographers, wildlife watchers and families. However, this doesn’t mean Yellowstone is any less popular. Statisically, the numbers of visitors each get per year are very close to each other and if you check out the two citations (i.e. “The 10 Most Visted National Parks) below Yellowstone is right behind Yosemite.

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