Do more people climb el cap or half dome?



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    The parks service only allows 400 permits for people to climb half dome per day. There are no permits to climb el captain, which makes it harder to estimate how many people climb per day. I could not find a number that stated how many people climb el cap.

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    Half Dome has been called the greatest monolith on Earth, at 8,842 feet high and has regular climbing parties who must use cables for support on the steep ascent. El Capitan is 3,593 feet high- a vertical wall of granite- and the largest solid block of granite in the world. It has a sheer face and provides extremely challenging rock climbing opportunities for those with significant experience.

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    Beginning in 2011 Yosemite park will only allow a limited number of permits (400) to hike Half Dome each day and everyone must be permitted.  It is a very difficult hike, however there are cables which usually go up the weekend before Memorial Day and then they come down the weekend after Columbus Day in October, but this can vary based on weather conditions.  El Capitan is a much more difficult hike so it is not necessary to issue permits to keep the numbers down.  El Capitan is extremely challenging and because of this, a small number expert climbers have not only made the climb assisted but have made “free climbed” it as well.

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