do humans do more damage to the environment than natural disasters?



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    Personally, I think we do. When a natural disaster like a hurricane or a lava eruption destroys an entire ecosystem, it goes through what is called ‘ecological succession’ when the ecosystem re-starts itself through microorganisms and plant life. Anything nature can do to destroy life, nature can overcome to sustain it as well. However, when humans do something like pollute a river with toxic waste, it not only kills everything in the habitat, but it makes it nearly impossible for life to thrive there as it once did. Only through years of cleaning and millions of dollars can we return these ecosystems back to any resemblance of what they once were.

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    One way to think of natural disasters is the Earth (dramatically) putting itself back into balance.  It is difficult to think in these terms at times because natural disasters can have such terrible effects on us humans.  Also, human-induced climate change causes natural disasters to occur, because emitting carbon in the atmosphere causes an imbalance in the Earth systems.  Natural disasters can be responses to this excess carbon. 

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