Do migrating birds use wind to help them travel?



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    In some cases yes, birds to take advantage of various breezes and wind patters, especially when crossing large oceans. But, in some cases the wind can also detract some flocks from their migration paths.

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    Here is a link to a site about humming bird migrations.  While these birds are very small, they also fly very close to the ground (just above the tree tops) and thus cannot always take advantage of the currents.  They are also reported flying across 450 miles across the Gulf of Mexico with 20mph headwinds, but will take advantage of the currents if possible to get them to their desired location.

    Butterflies are known to use wind currents for migrations, and have been blown off course by hurricaine winds, even ending up as far as England rather than the US Northeast.

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    Yes. Most birds only commence migration in large numbers after assuring that they have a favorable tail wind (although once they get started only the worst weather will deter them from reaching their destination). Most migratory birds utilize the same massive air current systems used by planes and other types of wind-powered vehicles because wind provides the most direction and assistance in directional, sustained flying.

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