Do microwaves cause cancer?



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    According to Cancer Help UK, studies examining the possible link between microwave ovens and cancer have been inconclusive. Some results suggest potential links but others have not revealed links at all. Microwaves produce a magnetic field while they are in use, and this drops sharply the further one moves away from the oven. Also, the wave don’t last long, as you the cooking is kept to very short periods. Most experts believe microwave ovens don’t give off enough energy to damage the genetic material (DNA) in cells as to cause cancer.

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    Microwaves are popular because they cook food fast and are is electricity efficient. Microwaves use radio waves. Radio waves are absorbed by  water, fats and sugar. When absorbed the waves are converted into atomic motion which is heat. Metal reflects microwaves and that is why metals react in microwaves with sparks in the microwave.

    Radio waves give off non-ionizing radiation which is a low-frequency of radiation but has enough energy to damage the DNA in cells. Other non-ionizing radiation are low-energy UV rays, visible light, infrared lights, and radio waves. All are of these types of radation are not known to cause a known increase in cancer risk except for the UV rays.

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