Do men or women tend to be more green?



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    Completely from my personal experience, I think more women tend to have more green habits integrated into their everyday lives, while more men are likely to try to influence others to change their habits.

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    This is a very interesting question. I think a sociological experiment must be conducted to find out the truth. To be honest, I do not know if there would be a clear winner, because I know many men who are green and eco-responsible, and I know many women that are as well; and I also know their flip-side-counterparts, both male and female, who are not environmentally responsible at all. If I had to guess though, I’d have to say it’s probably women who are more green, because men just tend to go too extreme, too overboard, too violent, and one of the keys to being green is balance (not using too much), which women seem to have more often than men. Danica Patrick though proves to be the exception to the rule. She drives like a maniac with a desire to gas out the eco-system, whereas I drive with my foot on the pedal only when I need to accelerate or maintain a steady speed (does that mean she’s more manly than I am? Uh-oh…)

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    I personally have not noticed an correlation between being green and gender, although I do find that there are certain non-green tendencies that are gender specific.  For example, women seem to consume more (beauty products, clothing, ect.), but this does not necissarily mean that they are any less green than men.

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    I don’t really see gender playing a role here, I think its more about how the person was raised and how closely they feel connected to the environment that drives their green habits and lifestyle choices. I know both men and women that are very passionate about the environment, and both men and woman that don’t really care. If I had to choose though, I suppose I’d have to go with women, based on the fact that women are nurturers and the fact that I myself am one 🙂

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