Do mc donalds recycle there in store packaging that we have put in the bin (as most is recyclable)or is it all general waste?

My 5 yr old when he went to the bin asked is this bin for recycling? I replied no buddy they just use the 1 bin!!



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    McDonalds in Korea and Japan do recycle what they can – plastic cups, paper – and there are separate bins for food waste and liquid.  I’m not sure about the U.S.  McDonald’s did (and maybe still does) have a recycling program for its plastic products: they didn’t get reconverted into new fast food plasticware, but rather flowerpots.  McDonald’s is trying to reduce its waste, but it’s been more efficient in doing this through changing behind the scenes things.  For example, it has greatly reduced the packaging used in its food when it’s transported from food production plants to restaurants by shipping things in greater quantities and using a refillable truck to pump soft drink syrup into soda fountains instead of transporting the syrups in boxes.  

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