Do many people go to the Dead Sea each year?



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    Visitors from all over the world have visited and continue to visit the Dead Sea. It is slowly disappearing, and  eventually, visitors may choose to visit other locations. Stats from 1999 show that over half a million people visited this site that year. 

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    In 2009 more than 1.2 million foreign tourists visited on the Israeli side.  It is bordered by Jordan to the east, and Israel and the West Bank to the west.

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    Yes, many millions of people visit the infamous salt lake each year. Many make the trip because of it’s interesting characteristics. It is the lowest land point on Earth that is below sea level (about 417 meters), and is known for its high concentration of salt content. It is because of this salt concentration that the lake gets its name ‘the Dead Sea,’ because no life can live or procreate in the water. It is also well known that the water provides relief to those who wade in it, seemingly curing mild ills and serving as a health spa of sorts. It remains a popular tourist spot for Israel and the surrounding areas.

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