Do living walls help out with clean air?



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    Living walls have numerous benefits from erosion control, to water management and recyclability. Since a living wall has plants that absorb CO2, they will also help the air quality of the area they are planted in. The oxygen will be healthier to breathe and CO2 around the wall will be more quickly filtered. Living walls are based on the concept of modular planters that can be easily moved or removed. Living walls not only look great, they have numerous green benefits for your home. 

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    Living walls improve the air quality by circulating air, and consumig CO2. By doing this, they also remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dust from the air. The process is called biofiltration. The soil medium contained microbees which consume the pollutants after they are absorbed into the liquid phase. It is estimated (I do not know by whom) that 65 to 90 % of VOCs haveb een removed using biofiltration.

    They also reduce “heat island effect” by absorbing the energy from the sun, thus less is generally reflected and radiated off the buildings. Living walls absorb sound waves.

    They are also benefitial psychologically, as tehy induce a calming effect as well as increase worker efficiency.

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