Do LED light bulbs burn out like old Incandescent lights do?



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     LED light bulb can be expected to last 25–30 years under normal use. The typical lifespan of an AC incandescent lamp is around 1,000 hours. LED bulbs will not dim over time and they are mercury free, unlike the compact fluorescent bulbs. Recent research has made bulbs available with a variety of color characteristics, much like the incandescent bulb. With the savings in energy and maintenance costs, these bulbs can be attractive. It is expected that with additional development and growing popularity, the cost of these bulbs will eventually decline. 

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    These bulbs do have a much longer lifespand and use much less electricity than a traditional incandescent or even a compact fluorescent lightbulb.  However, they will eventually burn out, so their main benefit is the energy savings (about 15 times less than an incandescent bulb).

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