Do leather shoes hurt the environment more than vinyl shoes?



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    The environmental cost of raising cattle to use for leather is very high. Raising cattle is known to be highly environmentally damagning due to the emissions of their transport, water use and emissions from growing the grain used to feed them, and the methane they produce just from living. In addition to that, after the cow is raised and slaughtered, the leather making process is energy intensive and uses chemicals. 

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    Not necessarily. Vinyl is made of PVC, which has substantial environmental impacts as well, including air pollution, water pollution, harm to workers, and relocation of fenceline communities due to contamination. There are several eco-friendly online shopping sites and shoe brands out there. Try MooShoes, Simple Shoes, and Timberland’s Earthkeepers if you’d like to find some leather-free and PVC-free options.

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    Vibram Five Fingers shoes activate the original muscles of the feet and enlarge circulation in order to make your entire feet more energetic. Subsequently, your feet will turn out to be warmer and may perspire more. The significance of putting on the decent shoes is apparent.

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