Do the leaders of developed countries help those of non developed countries learn from their mistakes?



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    There does seem to be a lot of eagerness on the part of more developed nations to try to help poorer nations avoid some of the dangerous or unsustainable business practices we now know to be much more harmful than was originally thought when our nations were first becoming industrialized. However, many times this “help” takes the form of trying to force legal or other restrictions on developing nations which are simply trying to provide work for their people. Sometimes what is supposed to be good-natured “help” can be seen as colonialism or developed nations trying to prevent poorer nations from becoming bigger players on the global market. Obviously, the issues are more nuanced than that, and many world leaders are trying to do what is best for the planet as a whole rather than specifically make things difficult for developing nations, but these criticisms do exist.

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    Yes, but not when it comes to the environment. Lately, with climate change as a rising international issue, it certainly is true that countries are attempting to force developing states to change environmental policy, but the majority of what you’re describing comes in the form of economics and law.

    Basically, the vast majority of the developing countries left in the world are post-colonial. Other than China and some of the smaller European countries, the big names like India, Indonesia, and maybe Malaysia, for instance, are heavily influenced by the ideas imparted by the governing of their correspondent colonial powers, which is actually a large part of the reason for some of their successes (countries who adopted the British common law system tended to remain stable while civil law countries did not). But I digress.

    In any case, the EU has pledged to become a leader by example in the coming years, and Japan is still working on its own international identity, and a leader in environmental reforms is one of the options on the table, whaling issues aside.

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