Do large solar farms need a lot of batteries?



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    Most solar farms and wind farms I’ve come across don’t use batteries at all, the power is stored in a grid-tie. Once the PV energy is collected and inverted it is directly wired to the local power grid regulated by the utility company. This is where the farm’s power is stored. However some larger renewable energy farms are considering using a battery of sorts to store the energy on site. The storage system seems to be one very large and very expensive battery.

    When the power must travel from the site to the point of storage a good deal of its energy is lost in transition. Multiple large-scale wind farms in Hawaii have decided to invest in this storage system offered by Xtreme Power. It stores 10 MW at a time and while it is a pricey investment, investors and Xtreme Power believe that increased efficiency in power storage will result in the installation/maintenance paying for itself. 

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