Do large ships interfere with whale communication?



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    Yes.  Whales and dolphins use high frequency clicking sounds to locate prey, and whales use low frequency sounds to call to one another.  Noise coming from the propellors of large ships as well as seismec airguns used by big rigs exploring for oil produce a lot of underwater noise pollution very damaging for whales and dolphins.  Whale calls have experienced an effectivity 1/10th of what they used to be.  There was an interesting article in the New York Times magazine this summer that explored the effect of human noise pollution on whales, along with other issues.  Check it out in the second link.

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    Yes.  Dolphins and whales rely on sound to communicate with each other over long distances, and also in many cases to find food using echolocation.  Most cetaceans communicate at frequencies between 10 Hz and 200 kHz, and ships create noise in the 10 Hz to 220 kHz range.  This can cause confusion among whales and sometimes causes them to alter their behavior.

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