do insects help disperse seeds from plants?



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    Mostly insects are known for their role in pollinating plants, which in way can be seen as seed dispersal.  But more directly seed dispersal is especially known in ants, for which 1500 plants depend on for propagation.  The plants use chemicals to attract the ants to their seeds, who then take the seeds away from the plant, dropping them on their way to the nest, or stockpiling them in the nest.  The part of the seed eaten does not damage the parts contributing to the growth of a new plant.  Ant home are made of nutrient-rich, lose soil that the new seedling can thrive in. 

    There are other ways insects play a role in the dispersal of seeds, but many of these are actually spores from fungus or moss, as the seeds we generally think of are too big for insects to invlolved with.  Some detailed ways that insects do take part are outlined in a dense book called Interrelationship Between Insects and Plants, see pertaining parts in the second link below.

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    Larger seeds are actually more commonly dispersed by animals.  The animals are attracted to the fruit (sugar) from trees (which contain seeds) or to nuts, which are seeds themselves.  These larger seeds give the seed embryo more food to survive and grow on, so they are advantageous evolution-wise.  Because these seeds are larger, insects cannot spread them, so while smaller seeds can be dispersed by insects, larger ones that cannot be naturally dispersed by wind or water are often moved around because of animals.

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