Do I need to worry if my down jacket gets wet?



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    I would say dont worry, but if you are the worrying type; go ahead. The whole purpose of a down jacket is to retain and trap air to keep you insulated. The more loft the more insulation, and if this is compromised you no longer really have an effective down jacket. Water does this. Weather it is rain, you fell in a river, or lots and lots of persperation, water will compromise the jackets ability to trap air.

    Do not bother to use waterproof spray from your local outdoor sporting goods store because that will eventually make it loose it’s loft as well. Essentially, a wet down jacket is a cold down jacket.

    However, synthetic insulation that keeps you warm with the same idea, fairs well in wet conditions. Although it is not as warm as your down jacket, it wont collapse during the wet season when you need it the most.

    P.S. dont worry so much.

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