Do I need to worry about eating raw eggs?



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    There are two risk factors to consider when consuming raw eggs: Salmonella and deficiency in biotin. Salmonella is a food borne infection found in undercooked poultry and eggs; however, Salmonella is only present in one of 30,000 eggs (or .0003%), and the risk of poisoning can be reduced even more if the consumer buys eggs from cage-free, organically-fed chickens. Biotin deficiency, on the other hand, stems from only consuming egg whites. Biotin is a B-complex vitamin found in the egg’s yolk, so such a deficiency can be counteracted by consuming the whole raw egg, not just the egg white. 

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    What you need to worry about is the corn.  It is evil! It is in everything, even that chicken egg.  STOP EATING CORN IT IS AN ALIEN!!!!!

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